Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend Project: 1 kitchen cabinet

Kitchen cabinet: Before:

Kitchen cabinet: After:

Decluttering might be in the eye of the beholder, perhaps, because I don't really think the "before" anad "after" images are much different. But I am hoping that my "new" cabinet will work better for me -- there are now office supplies on the first shelf (paper and pens, tape, stapler) that needed a new home now that the dining room cubbies are gone. The second shelf has my coffee supplies; the top shelf has breakable glasses that I use (but try to keep out of my children's reach), a container of batteries I need to recycle, etc.

Bonus points for me: Thanks to decluttering/reorganizing the cabinet, I finally returned that yellow mug to its true owner, the real World's Best Teacher, Miss Carter!

A side note: The reason I gave myself such a small weekend project? I had the kids this weekend and I try not to overdo it when I have the kids because it's hard to declutter when they're around and I don't want to spend our weekends together doing massive decluttering projects.

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  1. I'm impressed Molly! It looks so much nicer. And it's more than I've accomplished in an entire week!