Tuesday, January 14, 2014


A few months ago, I was trying to find my children's birth certificates, but  I couldn't locate all of them (hmmm, I guess that means I have a lot of children, lol). I was talking over my dilemma with an organized mom friend, who told me she has a file labeled "important papers" and it was filled with documents like birth certificates, social security cards, vaccination records, etc. I should have a file like that, but I don't -- oh, wait, now I do!

While the kids were with their dad last weekend, I hunkered down and went through my boxes of papers. Not all of the boxes, maybe about seven. I spent hours sorting papers for recycling, shredding and to keep. Fortunately, in these boxes, I located the birth certificates, my passport, vaccination records and more.

After the sort, I was shopping at Target when I found this SentrySafe on clearance for $20. I bought it, and after I got home, looked up more info on this family's experience mentioned on the box.

I can't vouch for the product, all I know is that at least some of my important papers are now more secure! I am still sorting ...


  1. It's so cool to hear of someone else having a file called "Important Papers." When I got married my dad shared his outline for files organization -- I know, an outline! Important papers was on it and I set my files following my dad's plan. I've been grateful for that for years. There's a whole lot in my house I cannot find, but birth certificates, passports and the like are safe. So glad you discovered this great idea.
    And thanks for sharing these on OLW.

    1. I'd be curious what other filing advice your dad gave you, Marilee, because the important papers one is brilliant!!