Thursday, January 16, 2014

One step forward ...

Although I dropped off several boxes of stuff at my neighborhood Goodwill on Monday, I must admit that I used this opportunity to also do a bit of shopping.

As I always tell myself, "Well, it can't hurt to look ..."

Yes, it can hurt.

It can fill my home with clutter!

It can also hurt my checkbook. As a single mom, I've learned the hard way that every penny really does count.

I have also learned that thrift stores are a "trigger" for me and I now avoid them most of the time.

I do, however, let myself do a bit of "treasure hunting" (shopping at secondhand shops) every other weekend -- on payday weekends, which are also the weekends the kids are with their dad and thus I have some time to meander.

However, Monday was not a sanctioned shopping day. And yet ...  I could not resist these shoes. Such bright and happy looking garden clogs, made in Germany, and they "sort of" fit. I spent $10 on them (overpriced).

The good news: I bought the clogs, but I resisted this desk. I really wanted it -- really -- but it was $200! $200 at Goodwill?! I had it all planned out in my mind though: I would purchase the desk and then deliver it to Three Freckles for a paint makeover. I'd get it back and it'd be all shabby chic, a magnificent writing desk. But ... the time is not right for me to spend that kind of money ($400 plus). I have bills to pay and mouths to feed.

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